Daniel Libeskind
The theatre, which is part of a major rehab of Dublin’s docklands, be managed by Live Nation Ireland.

Daniel Libeskind
It overlooks Grand Canal Square, the new urban piazza designed by Martha Schwartz Partners. The  Bord Gáis Energy Theatre (formerly named the Grand Canal Theatre) and Grand Canal Commercial Development

Daniel Libeskind
The 2000 seat Grand Canal Theatre is a landmark that creates a focus for its urban context, specifically Grand Canal Square, the new urban piazza at the waterfront of Grand Canal Harbour.

Daniel Libeskind
The building is based on the concept of stages — the stage of the theatre itself, the stage of the piazza, and the stage of the theatre lobby above the piazza, illuminated at night.

Daniel Libeskind
The theatre becomes the main façade of a large public piazza that has a five star hotel and residences on one side and an office building on the other.

Daniel Libeskind
The piazza acts as a grand outdoor lobby for the theatre. With the dramatic theatre elevation as a backdrop and platforms for viewing, the piazza itself becomes a stage for civic gathering.

Daniel Libeskind
With their twin facades, glazed courtyards and landscaped roofs, the two office blocks which make up the Commercial Development provide sustainable, state of the art work environments.

Daniel Libeskind
By designing multi-story glazed atriums, the commercial buildings integrate with the adjacent retail, residential, cultural and public space components.

Dublin, Ireland
Architect: Daniel Libeskind
Principal in Charge: Stefan Blach
Project Leader: Gerhard Brun
Project Team: Feargal Doyle, Patrick Cox, Andreas Baumgärtner, Matthias Rühl, Toralf Sümmchen, Anna Poullou, Guillaume Chapallaz, Nathaniel Lloyd, Jens Jessen, Jens Hoffman, Kaori Hirasawa, Luca Mangione, Anja Bungies and Christian Müller
South Office Block Area: 21,092 sqm
Theatre Area: 13,768 sqm
North Office Block Area: 33,320 sqm
Budget: $269.9M USD
Year: 2009-2010
Client: Ramford Limited, Chartered Land
Photographs: Ros Kavanagh

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