“The concept which led us to the design of Awaza Congress Centre, Turkmenistan, was based on the intention to construct an iconic building not only for the country but also at an international level. Due to its monumental scale, this building is a unique architectural piece, formally strong and intentional.
Awaza Congress CenterReflecting cultural and patriotically values, Awaza Congress Centre, is based on the concept of a cube by obeying to a pre-established logical sequence. Transmitting and affirming magnificence this building materializes five provinces of Turkmenistan which are intrinsically related to the larger groups of spaces or elements that form the Congress Hall as a whole:
            • Circulation Element
            • Auditorium Element
            • Events Element
            • Business Element
            • Square Element

Awaza Congress CenterThe whole building is based on the green colour, colour which represents the flag of Turkmenistan. Conceived to be an international landmark of this country, Awaza Congress Center, has interior spaces with national motifs.
Awaza Congress CenterFunctionality
The organization of the interior spaces occurs according to the program with the aim to answer to the major requirements of a modern Congress Centre full of ambitious references allowing constant visits and heavily use.
Awaza Congress CenterThis building is based in open spaces such as atriums and circulations which conceive to the building volume, scale and dimension. The direct connection to the atrium exists as an enclosed plaza of different levels. Introduced as the fifth volume, the whole space, works as the linkage where the other volumes converge.
Awaza Congress CenterAwaza Congress Center is composed by three auditoriums with 3900 seats, two negotiation rooms with 420 seats and four meeting rooms with 520 seats. This congress center is also composed by, a restaurant/ballroom, a Snack-bar and a Gourmet Restaurant with a capacity of 2450 people. In the underground you will find 225 spaces for parking.
Awaza Congress CenterExterior Spaces
The exterior spaces do Awaza Congress Centre were designed according to:

– Structure and organize the space in order to control flows and the permanence of vehicles and people by considering zonings, accessibility and capacities;
– Fit and enhance the architectural piece into the urban context to frame the landscape and pedestrian experiences within the site’s perimeter;
In addition to this two guidelines, with the project for Awaza Congress Centre, we aimed to design a building with an empty coastline and with a pleasant plaza overlooking to the Caspian Sea.” Saraiva +Associados

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