Control Building Volkerak Locks
Control Building Volkerak LocksThe new control building is situated in the vast and cultivated landscape of locks, grass and water. The building’s size is small when set against its surround-ings, but becomes more a part of the entire whole by including into the design a few paths that connect the building with the surrounding functions.
Control Building Volkerak LocksMoreover, the size of the ground floor is visually enhanced by a few schanskorven bulwarks. The ground floor is covered with a grass roof, hence embedding the building into the landscape.
The administrative building, located in the area above the grass roof, boasts characteristic slanting facades. The glass east and west facades are turned in such a way to create an optimal view of harbour and locks.
Control Building Volkerak LocksThe closed south facade forms a whole with the roof and offers protection against heat and sun. The focus was on a high level of sustainable construction, using recycled and recyclable materials that match the rugged nature of the environment.
Control Building Volkerak LocksThe ground floor uses prefab concrete elements clad with gabions. The upper levels feature a glazed timber structure. In view of the high internal heath load, the building is primarily designed to keep cool.
Control Building Volkerak LocksThe roof and the south facade have been kept slightly apart from the building itself, the space in between being ventilated with ambient air. On the east and west sides the roof juts out above the building to reduce incoming solar radiation and safeguard a clear view.
Control Building Volkerak LocksThe heating and cooling system uses a water heat buffer. During the summer months cold is extracted from the buffer and heat released into it. In the winter the heat is extracted from the buffer.
Control Building Volkerak LocksIf necessary the lock water can be used as a source of heat or cold by means of a heat pump. During the winter heat is recovered from the ventilation air.
Control Building Volkerak LocksLocation: Willemstad, Holland 
Architect: DP6 
Architect In Charge: Chris de Weijer & Robert Alewijnse
Project Team: Daan van der Vlist, Andreas Leupold, Mark van der Hoff, Harrie Hupperts, David Wilson, Muhsin Sagdic 
Contractor: Van Heesewijk Bouw 
Year: 2009 
Area: 610 sqm 
Client:Rijkswaterstaat DI, Utrecht
Control Building Volkerak Locks Control Building Volkerak Locks Control Building Volkerak Locks Control Building Volkerak Locks Control Building Volkerak Locks Control Building Volkerak Locks

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