Sport Hotel

Sport HotelThe new Vogtland Arena not only catapulted Klingenthal back into the league of the finest ski jumping facilities in the world but also rejuvenated its elite sport school.
Sport HotelThe pupil numbers have subsequently doubled and the Governor launched a design competition to extend the school’s overnight stay capacity. m2r was declared the winner out of an anonymous design competition.
Sport HotelThe project started on site in spring 2010 and was completed in July 2011. Solar architecture and sustainable construction methods were the main priorities for our concept.
Sport HotelAim was the perfect symbiosis of modern architecture, forward-looking building systems and the use of ecological construction principles. The location of the building is very exposed. It will form the final component of an ensemble but also be the main focus when arriving out of the city.
Sport HotelThe pitched roofs are typical for the region. Large glazed openings and a building shape, which follows the cycle of the sun, are deliberately chosen to maximise solar gains.
Sport HotelThe building is divided into two different parts. The strongly shaped front part accommodates the communal zones and lecture rooms. Sport HotelThe more rhythmical part of the back accommodates the actual rooms of residence.
Sport HotelAll rooms are not just comfortably equipped with the latest broad band internet; they have also sufficient daylight and can be naturally ventilated.
Sport HotelThe landscape design was kept deliberately simple since all sports facilities are within the neighbouring school complex.  The location is chosen so that the building can be extended in the future with an additional 30 rooms.

Sport-Hotel-by-m2r-architecture-10Location: Klingenthal, Germany
Architect: m2r architecture
Year: 2011

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