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Construction begins today on the OMA-designed Bryghusprojektet in Copenhagen, Denmark. The 27,000m² mixed-use project will accommodate a new headquarters for the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC).

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The building will act as the missing link between the city centre, the historic waterfront and the culturally rich Slotsholmen district of Copenhagen.

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OMA Partner-in-charge Ellen van Loon explained: “Instead of stacking a mixed-use program in a traditional way, we positioned the DAC in the centre of the volume, surrounded by and embedded within its objects of study: housing, offices and parking.

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The urban routes reach into the heart of the building and create a broad range of interactions between the different program parts and the urban environment.”

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Situated among landmarks in the history of Danish architecture, Bryghusprojektet shares with the indigenous modernism tenets of simplicity, monumentality and urbanity.

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The site is bound by a cluster of historic monuments, including the Christiansborg Palace and the Old Brewery, whilst sharing the riverside with many other bold, contemporary interventions.

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To capitalize on the site’s potential, the building is an ‘urban motor’ to actively link the city and the waterfront.

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Providing a connection under the busy Christians Brygge, where entrances to the different program elements are strategically located, the site becomes both a destination and a connector at the hinge of the waterfront and the ‘entrance’ to the city.

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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Architect: OMA

Partner in Charge: Koolhaas, Ellen van Loon

Associate in Charge: Adrianne Fisher

Area: 27,000 m2

Competition: 2006

Start Construction: 2013

Completion: 2017

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