The World Confucianism•Sunbi Culture Park & Korean Cultural Theme Park is a complex designed to become a hub for Confucianism and traditional culture in Korea. Located in Andong of Korea, a place well known for its preservation of traditional core values, the project aims to create a new center that will provide a unique experience for its global visitors.


The whole complex consists of two major parks with distinct purposes. The World Confucianism•Sunbi Culture Park (WCSCP) will be a modern complex that provides facilities for exhibition, education, library, convention and others for the promotion and research of Confucianism. The Korean Cultural Theme Park (KCTP) will provide hotels and experience centers through purpose built traditional Korean housings surrounded by beautiful nature.


World Confucianism•Sunbi Culture Park (WCSCP)

Positioned on top of the valley as a strong horizontal mass between the two ridges is the WCSCP, a multifunctional complex consisting of a convention center, museum, library and a hotel. With a grand open lobby that welcomes visitors, this provides the first step in experiencing Confucianism.


A comprehensive circulation path guides visitors through a variety of facilities including the ‘Larchivium’, a cultural convergence of library, archive, and a museum around the open lobby which allows convenient access to information. With the strong horizontal façade designed with motif of bamboo trees and traditional Korean windows, the WCSCP will become a landmark building symbolizing Confucianism and the region of Andong.


Korean Cultural Theme Park (KCTP)

The KCTP is a place where global visitors can experience pure traditional Korean culture. The park provides classes for Korean language, music, martial arts, as well as variety of cultural exhibitions. Designed to reproduce the living conditions and environment of Korean ancestors, the variety of buildings are designed from a basic square layout of traditional Korean housings.


With a courtyard in the middle, these buildings provide a chance to experience nature through traditional Korean values where the nature exists within the house in harmony. Located within the splendid surroundings of Andong with an open view of the lake, the KCTP will provide visitors with a truly touching experience that will be unforgettable.

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