01-Izmir-Expo-2020-by-Zaha Hadid
Turkish city of Izmir has announced Zaha Hadid as the architect for its World Expo 2020 bid. A delegation from Turkey will travel to the French capital of Paris on June 12 to make a presentation on Izmir’s EXPO 2020 candidacy to the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE).

02-Izmir-Expo-2020-by-Zaha Hadid

Turkish Minister of EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis, Izmir Governor Mustafa Toprak and Chairman of EXPO 2020 Izmir Steering Board and Executive Committee, Inciralti EXPO area architect Zaha Hadid and CEO of Turkish Airlines Temel Kotil will attend the presentation, EXPO press office said Monday. Defne Samyeli, a renowned Turkish anchorwomen, will deliver a presentation promoting Izmir with the theme “New routes to a better world / Health for all.”

03-Izmir-Expo-2020-by-Zaha Hadid

The theme is based on the issue of health and quality of life. In the Aegean region, there has been a special interest of healthcare – starting from ancient settlements like Asklepion, Allianoi, and Agamemnon. “New Routes to a Better World/ Health for All” includes scientific, social and ecological approaches.

04-Izmir-Expo-2020-by-Zaha Hadid

It also refers to the various aspects of life for individuals, society, and environment. The theme will be on the health issues – while focusing in a rather positive manner to the quality of life. The size of Expo site and parking lots has been planned based on the duration of the event, number of expected visitors and participants, and there is a strong potential to enlarge the site in the forthcoming years against increasing expectations.

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