YOTELSituated next to the BQE, the building’s design negotiates between the elevated roadway and the surrounding neighborhood by way of an elevated plinth. At street level it is greets the pedestrian with large retail exposures.
YOTELAt the level of the BQE is a vibrant rooftop garden atop which rises the 110 key YOTEL tower. The tower is topped by a limited number of condominiums that offer an expansive view of Brooklyn, the East River and Manhattan beyond.
YOTELThe tower’s facade is designed to be a new landmark for the area that is as much about what happens within as the frenetic city around the site.
YOTELTaking cues from traditional architectural elements of Brooklyn, the primarily monochrome tower features a cascading, shingle effect façade that gradates in tone and finish to create a unique yet timeless form through its simplicity. Source by HWKN.
YOTELLocation: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Architects: HWKN
Project Team: Matthias Hollwich, Brad Engelsman, Jerry Figurski, Fan Zhang, Brandon Conde, Andrew McBride
Size: 100,000 sqft
Client: Synapse Capital
Year: 2015
Status: Under Construction

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