NLand Surf Park by Levy Architects

NLand Surf Park
NLand Surf Park
Image © Levy Architects

The park will be North America’s premier surfing destination with one foot, four foot, and six foot perfectly tubing waves every 60 seconds in a lagoon the size of nine football fields. NLand Surf Park will sustain itself with only rainwater thanks to a state-of-the-art water catchment system.The design inspiration, according to lead architect, Riley Triggs, AIA, “is drawn from the sensation of surfing, which is a combination of adrenaline rush and serenity, that is paired with a sophisticated, contemporary interpretation of the spirit of Austin’s ‘weird’ legacy of creative spaces. The shape, color, movement and froth of the wave are visual elements winding their way into the buildings and landscape. NLand Surf Park is slated to open in Austin, Texas in 2016. It is minutes from Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Source by FIVE TWO SQ.

Location: Austin, Texax, USA
Architects: Levy Architects
Landscape: dwg
Lead Architect: Riley Triggs
Client: NLand Surf Park
Year: 2015
Images: Levy Architects, Courtesy of FIVE TWO SQ

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