Laka Competition 2016: Architecture that Reacts

Architecture that Reacts
Architecture that Reacts
Laka Competition 2016

Laka Architektura invites designers from around the world to submit their ideas of architecture that reacts. The subject of the competition is a conceptual project of architecture that is socially engaged and is capable of reacting to unpredictable conditions and environmental, natural and social risks. Proposed solutions should constitute an ideological interpretation of modern technological solutions which take into consideration social and economic determinants.

Architecture that Reacts
Laka Competition 2016

Judges 2016
Qun Dang (Architect, Principal Partner at MAD Architects)
Ana María Gutiérrez (Architect, Co-founder of Fundación Organizmo, Ashoka Fellow)
Peter Kuczia (IARP and BAK Architect, author of CO2 Saver House)
Julien De Smedt (Architect, Founder of JDS Architects)
Arturo Vittori (Architect, Co-founder of Warka Water NGO, Director of Architecture and Vision)
Nathalie de Vries (Architect, Urban Planner, Co-founder of MVRDV)
Tobias Wallisser (Architect, Co-Founder of LAVA Laboratory For Visionary Architecture)

Judging Criteria
Participants are free to decide about the location of the project, its scale, size and the program. Listed below are 3 highlighted issues that the jury will pay attention to during judging:
1) a properly indicated architectural, social or environmental issue to solve
2) an accurate analysis of the selected issue
3) a properly chosen architectural solution that “reacts” and solves the indicated issue

Architecture that Reacts
Laka Competition 2016

5000 USD will be distributed among winners: 1st PRIZE: 2500 USD | 2nd PRIZE: 1500 USD | 3rd PRIZE: 1000 USD
In addition: 10 honourable mentions will be selected. Winners and laureates of special mentions will be published in several international online magazines, and at the Laka Competitions website.

•Registration opens in April, 2016
•Early Registration: 50 USD until June 1, 2016
•Regular Registration: 75 USD until October 1, 2016
•Late Registration: 100 USD until November 1, 2016
•Project submission deadline: November 1, 2016
•Jury deliberation: November, 2016
•Winners’ announcement: December 1, 2016
•UTC time zone for all dates
•Participants may submit multiple projects, but must register each entry.
There is no limit as to the number of participants per team. Individual entries are allowed. Info about Submission Requirements

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