Piuarch presents “Façades, the Skin of Architecture”

Brera Design Week

As part of the Brera Design Week, Piuarch presents an installation and an exhibition called “Façades: the Skin of Architecture”.

Brera Design Week
Logo Courtesy of Piuarch

The façade of the building where Piuarch is located – in the courtyard at Via Palermo 5, Milan – will hold a façade gardening installation, in which a garden decorates the entire front of the building from ground to roof.

Brera Design Week
Bentini Headquarter, Faenza – Photo Courtesy of Piuarch

Crossing the threshold of the Studio, one enters the show that illustrates the formal and conceptual research that Piuarch has devoted to the theme of façades throughout its history.

Brera Design Week
Facade Gardening – Photo Courtesy of Piuarch

The tour begins with a work by the artist Mauricio Lupini, and then continues with images, drawings, illustrations, prints and models that tell the story of façades as a real stylistic genre.

The show includes projects such as:

  • Quattro Corti, in St. Petersburg
  • Onda Bianca, in Milan
  • Bentini Headquarters, in Faenza
  • Givenchy Building, in Seoul


Brera Design Week
Givenchy Building, Seoul – Photo Courtesy of Piuarch

Façade Gardening
The green façade project began with the collaboration with landscape architect Cornelius Gavril, who uses an ancient technique in which cut flowers and plants are grafted onto tubers that serve as both a structural and nutritional base, allowing them to be preserved for a long time.

Brera Design Week
Onda Bianca, MIlano – Photo Courtesy of Piuarch

The green façade is a synesthetic work, determined to involve all the senses: visual in its appearance, auditory in the sounds that it generates through metal elements and bells, odorous through its fragrances.

Brera Design Week
Quattro Corti, San Pietroburgo – Photo Courtesy of Piuarch

Created with a constellation of flowers, vegetables and tubers, the façade is covered by 180 vertical lines, 10 meters high and spaced 20 cm apart all across its 35-meter length. The Partners of the Façade Gardening project are Verde Vivo and Vivai Mandelli. Source by Piuarch.

Façades: the Skin of Architecture by Piuarch

  • April 4th – 8th
  • Hours: 10 a.m.–2 p.m. and 3–6 p.m.
  • Via Palermo 5, Milan

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