Archmarathon Awards Miami – Winners Announced

Archmarathon Awards

The 4th edition of ARCHMARATHON Awards took place in Faena Forum in Miami from 12th to 14th October 2017 focusing on architecture studios active in the USA, Canada, Central America and Latin America.

Archmarathon AwardsHere are the winners of each of the 8 categories and the overall winner, chosen by the Jury consisting of Luca Molinari, David Basulto, David Assael and Francisco Pardo, Sebastian Salvat aNd Alejandro Paredes Fontanals are:

Archmarathon Awards
Common Unit – Image Courtesy of Archmarathon


  • Common Unit by Rozana Montiel + Alin V. Wallach
  • Motivation: This project solved the problem of segregation transforming boundaries and limits into encounters and quality of life creating a community building.
Archmarathon Awards
Stealth Building – Image Courtesy of Archmarathon
  • LIVING – Interior Design of Private Housing \ Architecture of Private Housing \ Residential Buildings
  • Stealth Building by WORKac
  • Motivation: The materialization of a risky scheme that is suitable for the future of dense, historical centres.
Archmarathon Awards
Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art – Image Courtesy of Archmarathon
  • DREAMING – Art & Culture \ Education Buildings \ Civic & Community Architecture
  • Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art by SO-IL
  • Motivation: This project shows a strong a strong relationship between architecture and community becoming a domestic landmark through a smart and simple solution.
Archmarathon Awards
Mallol Design House – Image Courtesy of Archmarathon
  • WORKING – Office Interior Design \ Office Architecture
  • Mallol Design House by Mallol Arquitectos
  • Motivation: This architectural solution challenges the urban standard and shows how an alternative uses of pre-existing heritage can be transformed into a public hub.
Archmarathon Awards
Tulum Treehouse – Image Courtesy of Archmarathon
  • CHILLING OUT – Bars & Restaurants \ Hotel & Leisure \ Commercial & Retail
  • Tulum Treehouse by Co – Lab Design Office + Annabell Kutucu
  • Motivation: It’s a clean project carefully executed, environmentally aware built with the collaboration of local craft-men to deliver a lively experience.
Archmarathon Awards
Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal – Image Courtesy of Archmarathon
  • CARING – Sport Centers \ Helthcare Centers \ Spa & Wellness Centers
  • Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) by CannonDesign + Neuf Architect(e)s
  • Motivation: A difficult and challenging area and complex program transformed into a simple, public, open condenser caring for the community.
Archmarathon Awards
Maison Glacé – Image Courtesy of Archmarathon
  • VISIONING – Future Building \ Urban Planning
  • Maison Glacé by ELASTICOSPA+KFA
  • Motivation: This project shows an innovative and a forward thinking solution for difficult climatic conditions considering the future, drastic climate change.
Archmarathon Awards
Totihue Chapel – Image Courtesy of Archmarathon
  • RE-THINKING – Retrofitting & Refurbishment
  • Totihue Chapel by Gonzalo Mardones Arquitectos
  • Motivation: A lost symbol of a community has been transformed into a new space of gathering. Destruction becomes a way to generate new opportunities.

Source and images, Courtesy of Archmarathon.

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