Sportlifecity by FORM_A


Sportlifecity is a project aimed at transforming the San Francesco area in San Donato Milanese, which is structured according to a complex design, capable of accommodating various architectural, urban, landscape and infrastructural components that contribute to the design of the space.


A new square-garden captures the north-south relations between the memory center, San Francesco Sport High School and the new Multisport and Entertainment Arena, and the east-west relations between the San Donato railway station and the metropolitan city cycle network of Milan.

Image © FORM_A

The landscape design assumes the role of putting the different parts of the project into a system, becoming capable of characterizing main spaces (squares, woods, parterres) and secondary spaces (parking lots, margins, borders between the different areas).

Image © FORM_A

The central square is characterized by large roofs, a metaphor for the portico, which are able to host a Retail District and a Sport Center (1500 seats sports hall + 6 multisport covered courts), from which it is possible to access the Medical Center and Business Center and the Sport Residence.

Image © FORM_A

The project of the Multisport and Entertainment Arena, which can adopt different configurations in order to host various events, such as tennis, volleyball, basketball (20-25,000 seats), athletics, swimming (12,000 seats), concerts (20-25,000 seats), is based on a careful study of constants and changes in the form of the arenas throughout the history of architecture. Source by FORM_A.

Scheme Formal Invariants
  • Location: San Donato Milanese, Italy
  • Architect: FORM_A
  • Principal: Sandra Maglio, Andrea Fradegrada
  • Urban Design and Coordination: WiP Architecture Technical Engineering
  • Traffic Analysis: Traffic Studies Center s.a.s.
  • Landscape: Studio Laura Gatti
  • Acoustic Evaluations:Proacoustics
  • Geological Evaluations:Geolambda Engineering Srl
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment: UrbanStudio
  • Client: Sportlifecity Srl
  • Dimension: 300,000 m2
  • Year: 2017 – in progress
  • Images: Courtesy of FORM_A

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