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Imagine Your National Pavilion

Image © Archstorming

Archstorming is calling for proposals to design the pavilion that would represent your country in a Universal Exposition. The pavilion must be located on a plot of a maximum of 10,000 m2 and the only limitation is its technical viability. The objective is to build a didactic pavilion that could show the world the best of each country taking advantage of the international visibility of a Universal Exposition, using its architecture to improve the image of your nation.

The Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London in 1851

Will you be able to build a building that will become the next icon of your country? The motto and use of the pavilions vary according to each designer. Therefore, over the years we have been able to find multiple examples that have covered all types of topics, such as nature, fauna, gastronomy, sustainability, technical advances, …
Regarding the program, participants will have the discretion to use the one if fits best for their building.

Eiffel Tower at the Paris Exposition 1889

In any case, these types of pavilions usually share a similar program, which may include:exhibition halls, restaurants, bars, shops, bathrooms, gardens, offices, etc. The jury of the present contest stands out for having been responsible for designing the pavilions of their country in different Universal Expositions. The competition is now open until July 18th, 2018. Winners of the US $7,000 prize will be announced on Agust 1st, 2018. Sourcve and images Courtesy of Archstorming.

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