Three bridges signed by Santiago Calatrava for the reconstruction of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa

econstruction of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa
econstruction of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa
Ponte dei pescatori – Image © Santiago Calatrava

A team set up by the reconstruction commissioner of the collapsed Morandi bridge in Genoa is examining projects by a number of top architects including Renzo Piano and Santiago Calatrava.

The seven-member team includes university professors, engineers, architects, professionals and one top city officials. All members are independent from the companies competing to participate in reconstruction work and are providing their expertise for free, officials said.

The plan proposed by the group Salini Impregilo Fincantieri is inspired by the project of Genoa native and star architect Renzo Piano while the Cimolai group has reportedly involved Santiago Calatrava for its proposed project.

The Cimolai group of Pordenone, has delivered to Commissioner Marco Bucci for the reconstruction of the Morandi bridge, four projects for the new highway viaduct, three are signed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. They are all bridges built in steel.

The first, called Cristoforo Colombo bridge, has 7 spans of 125 meters, 8 stacks that recall the longevity of the trees that with their solidity support the roadway.

The second, called ‘Ponte dei pescatori‘, is a cable-stayed bridge with spans of 140 meters that symbolizes a seafaring town with a reference to the sails. You’re the stacks.

The third project was called ‘Porta Mediterranea II‘. A large arch overlooks the Polcevera stream and creates a continuity with the profile of the nearby mountains. These three are Calatrava’s projects.

Images Courtesy of pann.

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