UPAR Flagship Store – Lighting Design by GD-Lighting Design


When we first met UPAR, we knew that it will bring us a distinctive experience — a fashion collision with sense of sport, art and technology. At the entrance, the giant device built by artists from recycled old shoes roars and rolls over the pavement, triggering a “tornado movement” in sports fashion. As a highlight of the space, the art bridge runs through the whole space, providing runners with special fitting rooms and dressing area. The interior designer has reserved an advertisement screen for the bridge.

In order to echo the LED screen, the lighting design applied the concept of projection on this basis, making the whole side elevation of the art bridge a more extended carrier and adding more entertainment interactivity to the future events. Through the control system, it can be processed with colors, images and breathing changes to fully present scene changes, and can be presented with a new visual environment experience for runners who come in every time. Although UPAR is a laboratory, full of limitless possibilities, business needs to return to essence.

Commodities are another important role in the retailing space. Windows, models, displayed focus products, interactive devices and so on, all have corresponding lights to express. The lighting arrangement is not uniform, but jumps with the rhythm of the display layout, just like the rhythm of movement. The whole space adopts a minimalist track lighting system. Different from the conventional retailing stores around it, it adopts a clean and simple white tone, and immediately takes off its fresh and cool appearance in the warm environment of Mixc World.

In addition to the theatrical display arrangement provided by the traditional accent lighting, in order to pay special attention to the needs of filming by the internet celebrities in the future, the space is interspersed with a diffused daylight with the concept of a space shuttle to create a uniform and comfortable basic ambient light and vertical illumination. For the sake of the original concept of “Particularly high, especially original, extremely wild” in interior design, the light is expected to give a special cool, unique and playful spatial characteristic. Source by GD-Lighting Design.

  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Interior Design: CHU CHIH-KANG Space Design
  • Lighting Design: GD-Lighting Design
  • Investor: Shenzhen Paojie Culture & Sports Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Completion Time:  2018. 10
  • Photographs: Bruce Zheng, Courtesy of GD-Lighting Design

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