Hyperdome by PACO


Water means life, and Mars has an abundance of it, unfortunately in form of ice.. Human beings are thinking how to make it melt to generate liquid water and release carbon dioxide. Instead of detonating thermonuclear missiles over the polar ice caps, that may have a negative impact in the future, it is possible to generate a forced global warming by creating a huge green-house all around the planet.

It will increase temperature and pressure and will let the water spread through the all Martian surface. The holistic approach sights to generate the ingredients of a autonomous and spontaneous Martian environment. The huge structure will be formed thanks to a complex and cutting-edge construction. Huge beams and panels will be linked one to the other without touching the ground at any time. Once the structure will be finished it will float orbiting around Mars.

This would have “no-impact” on the ground and the planet will be respected and preserved. The “Hyper-Dome”, will be a “self-supporting system” that envelopes the entire globe. It will literally “flies” in orbit without any touching point on the ground. The structure together with the new internal atmosphere will filter the cosmic radiations deflecting them towards the space will make Mars a place for new forms of life and new way of live.

The Hyper-Dome isn’t about creating a single settlement on Mars; it’s about making the entire Mars livable by transforming its environment and making its own life adapt for its own landscape. Mars needs life? Mars needs its “own” life ..Mars needs the Hyper-Dome. Source by PACO.

  • Architect: PACO
  • Architect in Charge: Cosimo Scotucci, Paolo Venturella
  • Year: 2018
  • Images: Courtesy of PACO

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