In The World of an Architect by Reiulf Ramstad Architects at The Utzon Center

In The World of an Architect

Reiulf Ramstad Architects have the privilege to be inaugurating a new exhibition series ‘ In The World of an Architect’, focusing on architecture and design created in the tension field between local and global. The exhibition series sets out to clarify the concept of ‘Nordic’ and to appreciate the importance of the architects’ standpoint as a natural premise of their work.

Independent, searching, sensitive, free. In the autumn’s big show No Nordic x RRA, the Norwegian architect Reiulf Ramstad shines in the light as a creative person in his own right. With the exhibition of a number of spatial installations and selected construction projects, Reiulf Ramstad invites the work to a reassessment of the term “Nordic architecture”. His work does not cancel the importance of a regionally based building tradition, but invites a more diverse and nuanced understanding of what it means to be a Nordic architect in a globalized era.

The exhibition is organized as a wandering through 5 rooms, of which 3 rooms are 1: 1 works, reflecting different aspects of RRA’s approach to architecture. The first room has an organic form of an embryo – a cell formation. This is where everything starts – the exhibition about RRA and the story of No Nordic. The first cell is kept simple – here you can see the first glimpse of the exhibition and meet the studio at the “cell stage”- A wealth of fragments from the drawing office’s sketching process is exhibited.

Some objects, as models and sketchbooks, are exhibited as original. The purpose is to give the guest an impression of the diversity of ideas on which the studio is based. The second room, ‘The Bedrock’ has black walls, a projection of waterfalls, and a base with rocky pieces and water mirrors – these are the ingredients in the exhibition’s first installation, which deals with the landscape, the urgency and the moderation of RRA’s work.

The third room is a green mirror room. The room is full of Ephesus, which by the means of reflections, spreads in all directions. In between the plants one can find models of projects that were carefully adapted into the landscape. In the middle of the room there is a swing hanging from the rooms highest point, which invites to play and stay in a world of Ephesus. The room reflects the imaginative, dreamy and conceptual dimension of the work of the studio.

The Fourth room is the Tower Room. The aim is to utilize the space in height. One can climb up towards the light and from the top of the tower one can look out into the sky. The fifth and last room, The Outro, has a wall-to-wall project showing interviews with Reiulf Ramstad, recordings from various projects and a long podium with a number of models of selected projects. Source and photos Courtesy of Reiulf Ramstad Architects.

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