West Kowloon Competition Pavilion opens

West Kowloon Competition Pavilion

Located in West Kowloon Cultural District waterfront promenade, the West Kowloon Competition Pavilion opens today and will be open to the public for six months. The Pavilion design captures everyday elements fundamental to Hong Kong, embedding and cultivating them within the fabric of an emerging arts and cultural hub. Located at the waterfront promenade, the Pavilion enjoys stunning harbour and sunset views, echoing the environment as part of the fabric in West Kowloon Cultural District.

New Office Works won the first WKCDA Young Architects & Designers Competition. Architects Paul Tse Yi-pong and Evelyn Ting Huei-chung, worked closely with WKCDA as Design Advisors to bring their pavilion design to life. “We were absolutely delighted by the overwhelming response of local young architects and designers to this competition. ‘Growing Up’ by New Office Works stood out from 320 submissions” said Mr Victor Lo, Chair of the competition judging panel.

“The aim of this competition was to provide a unique opportunity for emerging architects and designers to showcase their potential. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sun Fook Kong Construction Limited team for their general support, a jury of leading architects and professionals from Hong Kong and abroad, and all co-organisers for their support. Today we are pleased to open this beautiful pavilion and we encourage members of public to relax and spend some time in the Pavilion” continue Mr Victor Lo.

“The design process was really an exercise in close observation of things around us, and how to lend significance to various elements that comprise the city – steps, walkways, the way different roofs shed rainwater, palm trees. We’d like to thank the builders at Sun Fook Kong Construction Limited and the West Kowloon project team for all their hard work in realising this pavilion.” said Ms Evelyn Ting, Co-founder, New Office Works. Source by West Kowloon and images Courtesy of SuttonPR.

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