Designing the Complexity by Studio Marco Piva

Designing the Complexity

The setting allowed visitors to explore the many themes and areas of design addressed by Studio Marco Piva with methodological consistency and full freedom of expression in very different countries
and cultural contexts.

These reflecting the value represented by the Italian historical and cultural heritage, whose ability to interpret places and cultures is one of its most priceless assets. Source by Studio Marco Piva.

  • Location: Palazzo Kiton, Via Pontaccio 21, Milan, Italy
  • Architect: Studio Marco Piva
  • Partners: BENCORE®, composite panels for architecture , IGV GROUP, elevators and lifting platforms, PENTA, decorative lightings, RIVALUXE, windows.
  • Technical Partners: Bose, audio-video solutions Ribrain, contents and web-marketing, Tecnolegno, exhibition sets
  • Photographs: Davide Corona, Courtesy of Studio Marco Piva

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