Self-Construction Competition 2019


Archistart promotes the third edition of Self-Construction Competition, the contest for the design of an urban installation to be built within DIY techniques (self-construction) that gives you the chance to see their idea actually realized.

The theme of 2019 edition of the Self-Construction Competition is the design of an installation that connects the beach of San Cataldo with the promenade. The theme is inspired by the ONDEsea installation created last year during the IAHsummer2018 workshop.

The project aims to respond to a functional need for a connection between the waterfront and the beach, within an intervention of architectural and landscape value, consisting in a distinctive and identifying element in the context area. The project should encourage break and aggregation, as well as integrate a ramp for disability-friendly access to the beach.

The project should deal with the technical and actual realization feasibility, considering the subsequent DIY construction phase during IAHsummer19, architecture and design festival. The project must consider the use of materials that are easy to find and to use in order to facilitate the construction phases.

The design idea should consider a construction budget equal to € 1,000.00. Competition entries will begin 25th March 2019 and will end 7th June 2019 (14th June 2019 deadline submission) and the results will be available on July 2019. Source and images Courtesy of Archistart.

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