ASI Architectural multi-functional design solution for Metropolitan Train Stations

multi-functional design

ASI Architectural, dedicated to providing elegant solutions for the design and build industry, has supplied a durable, sophisticated, multipurpose acoustical solution to stand up to the harsh environments of New York City subway stations and neighboring Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) platforms.

Currently installed at several train stations throughout the New York-metro area, ASI Architectural’s Linear wood ceiling and wall system combines stylistic design with the durability necessary for this project. As part of New York City’s subway system upgrade – which called for new subway cars and updated infrastructure as well as renovations to stations – ASI Architectural’s Linear system was installed into eight NYC subway stations as well as seven LIRR platforms.

Created from solid western red cedar and powder-coated perforated aluminum filler strips, ASI Architectural’s Linear ceiling and wall system is the ideal solution for high-traffic areas. The perforations in the filler strips allow sound to be absorbed by the acoustical backer, significantly reducing train and passenger noise, while the unique perforated metal filler strips can withstand everyday wear-and-tear, such as abuse from passengers’ raised umbrellas in stations with lower ceilings.

“We wanted to provide commuters with a highly functional solution that would also improve the appearance of elevated subway and train platforms,” says Jon Mestad, brand manager, ASI Architectural. “The solution offers a beautiful and sophisticated design yet was built tough to endure the environmental conditions of both exterior and interior transit stations and can easily be installed into existing mid-twentieth century iron-and-steel platform structures using a simple grid structure along the station and platform ceilings.”

ASI Architectural’s elegant and sound-absorbing ceiling surface-finishes are capable of withstanding New York’s seasonal changes, grit, train vibrations and wear-and-tear from passengers. Additionally, the cedar planks are covered with a clear fire-retardant finish, making them well-suited for all applications. The design’s heightened durability implements a long-lasting, innovative solution that passengers can appreciate in the harsh conditions of exposed platforms. Source ASI Architectural, images Courtesy of D. Pagan Communications.

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