Effebi house by Architettura Matassoni

Effebi house

“Effebi house” is the result of the refurbishment of a seventies flat located near Arezzo in Tuscany, made for a four young people family. The client’s brief program included a whole living area composed by the entrance, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen with a small storage. Going on, through a wardrobe-distribution space, we find the night-area comprehensive of three bedrooms and twoo bathrooms.

Because of the common property of the perimeter walls, they couldn’t be modified and we have had to image this space as inside an untouchable box. Despite the delicate existing structural masonry (protected by very strict rules to ensure the building against the earthquakes), we designed one whole and organic environment for the living-area, obtainable realising a wide opening in the main internal wall.

To make the most of the surface we also decided to use plasterboard panels for the mostly: this is a cheap material but very adapt to make the complex shape we wanted. Indeed the purpose of the project was to create a very fluid space by using enveloping surfaces. So, the resulting space had to be dynamic and, as much as possible abstract to avoid the feeling to be inside a simple box made by orthogonal surfaces.

To achieve the goal we let rise the wood floorings on to the wall and the ceilings go down, creating the narrow cuts in which are settled the strips led for the lighting. Using these sculpted shapes, we wanted to call to memory the feeling of a natural space, focusing on those fundamental human needs concerning the “ ancestral shelter”.

This means an essential architecture and, in a certain sense, a “primitive space”, devoiding of sophistications and capable of comunicating on a deep level of perception with the unconscious. An artificial micro-landscape suitable for living innately. Source by Architettura Matassoni.

  • Location: Arezzo, Italy
  • Architect: Architettura Matassoni
  • Principal: Alessandro and Leonardo Matassoni
  • Structure: Alessandro Romei
  • Area: 106 square meters
  • Date of completion: february 2019
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Architettura Matassoni

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