Kolby Wine Bar by CMC architects


A top notch bar! A new wine selling, tasting, and exhibiting space opened in the recently completed Rustonka office complex on Rohanské nábřeží (embankment) – Kolby Wine Bar. Aside from being a public bar, it is also intended for private celebrations and company events. The entire space is designed as an exhibition and presentation of the wines of Kolby vineyards. This modest interior forms a chic background and aims at focusing the attention to the most important item, and that is wine.

The wine bar, with its area of only 59 square meters, is conceived as an open space allowing its visitors a variety of uses and arrangement of the furniture for different types of events. From a typical setup allowed for public patrons, to a central layout for wine tasting events, to other configurations for receptions and company parties or private celebrations. That is why the furniture combines standard products and custom-made joinery products.

The entire open space is framed with a continuous shelving system primarily designed for presenting and storing of wine bottles and boxes. Other interior elements such as a CorTen steel bar, cast concrete floor or furniture (Vitra) just add to this shelving system and increase the accent put on the exhibited wines. The main space of the wine bar and its amenities are designed combining simple materials and colours, with dominant black and grey shades complemented with Walnut timber millwork.

Other materials such as exposed concrete, black lacquered metal, CorTen cladding of the bar, and black exposed pipes and ducts, jointly make up a feeling of an austere open space of an industrial character. Soft materials such as wood, dark upholstery or textile draperies make the space cosy and refined. It is, generally, a modestly designed stage for omnipresent bottles and clients who come here to enjoy the Kolby brand. Source by CMC architects.

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