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Laka Perspectives

Laka Perspectives is a pocket-sized source of inspiration presents interviews and essays of renowned experts in disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, computational design, digital fabrication, smart materials, mobility, fashion, art and biomimicry. The book is about the people who have decided to take action for the future through architecture, technology, and innovation.

This year was fruitful with many inspiring interviews with people who take the action in spreading a vision of architecture, design, technology and art that can improve or even give solutions to the problems that we are facing nowadays. What are threats and opportunities of Big Data? Is it possible to grow our own clothes? Are we going to expand human territory to Mars or the Moon? Can we create fashion that doesn’t produce any waste?

Toyo Ito Laureate of the Pritzker Prize 2013 and UIA Gold Medal in 2017, Founder of Toyo Ito & Associates
Yona Friedman Laureate of the Kiesler Prize 2018, Author of ‘Architecture Mobile’
Carlo Ratti Architect, Founder of Carlo Ratti Associati, Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab
Qun Dang Architect, Principal Partner at MAD Architects
Amandus Samsøe Sattler Architect, Founding Partner of Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten
Peter Kuczia IARP&BAK Architect, Ph.D., Educator, Founder of Kuczia Architects

Robert Konieczny Architect, Founder of KWK Promes; World Building of the Year 2016
Jin Young Song AIA Architect, Assistant Professor at University at Buffalo, SUNY; founder of DIOINNO
Elizabeth Monoian MFA, Founding Director of LAGI, Co-founder of Studied Impact
Robert Ferry RA, LEED AP BD+C, Founding Director of LAGI and Studied Impact
Lydia Kallipoliti Architect, Educator, Researcher, Founder of EcoRedux and ANAcycle

Arturo Vittori Architect, Co-founder of Warka Water, Director of Architecture and Vision
Kamil Łabanowicz Architect, Team Leader and Designer at AUDI AG
Emma van der Leest Biodesigner, Product Designer, Founder of the BlueCity lab
Paul Clemens Bart Architect, Designer, Co-founder of BART//BRATKE
Marvin Bratke Architect, Co-founder of BART//BRATKE, Visiting Professor Muthesius Academy of Arts
Wojciech Bajor CEO, Head Designer, Founder of Bajo
Barbara Bajor Designer, Founder of Bajo
Oskar Zięta Architect, Inventor of FiDU, Founder & CEO of Zieta Prozessdesign, Zieta Shop

Lucy McRae Sci-fi artist, film director, TED Fellow, body architect, inventor of Swallowable Parfum
Danit Peleg Fashion Designer, Creative Director and CEO of Danit Peleg 3D
Wilfredo Méndez Architect, Researcher, Educator, Co-founder of Zero Damage
Esmeralda Niño Manufacturing and Industrial Engineer, Co-founder of Zero Damage
Anna Vonhausen Architect, Cofounder & Creative Director at
Camilla Siggaard Andersen Design Lead, Arup Digital Studio

Selected quotes
The interconnectedness between architecture, design, and technology and wider societal and environmental conditions is clear, and yet it is remarkable that the thoughtfulness and sense of responsibility expressed in these essays and interviews do not echo the current norms of the industry. “Do we really want to invest for a better world?” asks Arturo Vittori in his interview ‘Vision for a Sustainable Future,’ pointing out the financial aspects (and often barriers) of turning good ideas into necessary action. When you have read this publication, you will further ask: Can we afford not to? — Camilla Siggaard Andersen

Future development and the design challenges that the future will bring are a common theme in all of the contributions to this book. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “To see clearly, it often suffices to change one’s perspective.” The authors—from different professional backgrounds and with varying levels of experience—outline new opportunities in their scopes of activities from discrete points of view.

This mixture of differing approaches makes Laka Perspectives 02 a rewarding, absorbing read.– Dr. Peter Kuczia A dream depicted on paper and then turned into reality has the power to evoke empathy in people. But in the modern era, our society finds it increasingly difficult to depict dreams. — Toyo Ito. “Infrastructure” could become largely immaterial. I call the resulting new device the “cloud infrastructure.”

“Cloud infrastructure” consisted of immaterial “spheres” enveloping our planet completely: internet, sunshine, rain clouds. Each of these “spheres” can be “tapped” by small “household objects”: computers, solar panels, individual water collectors, individual sewage disposal. — Yona Friedman. Source amd photos Courtesy of Laka.

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