Black Diamond by PDAA Pranlas-Descours

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond building is located in the new district of the Haute Deûle in Lille and is emblamatic for this site due to its mixed-use programs. The Haute Deûle-Euratechnologie project is one of the main urban developments of the city of Lille, bringing together IT companies, housing projects, public facilities, and many public spaces over approximately fifty hectares, combining new designs with preexisting post-industrial buildings that have been recently renovated and transformed into housing and offices.

Stratification in this part of the city lies at the heart of the reflection for this architectural concept. Programmatic diversity is the structuring element creating the dynamics for this neighborhood. The “Black Diamond” building is the perfect illustration for this strategy, occupying the full plot with its 200 parking lot silo, a sports facility, and office spaces, with access to the East square for one of the two entry points.

In relation to the urban landscape and the association of programs the choice of a strong expression results in the use of contrasting materials. Black lacquered metal windows are used in the façade for the upper levels. Thus the parking levels are surrounded by a red brick wall with an elaborate moucharabieh. This latticework design filters light into the car park, giving a pleasant atmosphere.

The structure of the car park consist of pre-manufactured concrete, the three upper floors of a metal structure. The large sets of office windows are broken down into a fixed glass panel and a shutter opening for individual natural ventilation. The sloping roof completes the volume, covered with a dark seal.

The car park is spread over seven half-levels (two of which are semi-underground), one level is accessed by the west-side. The sports facility is located on the third floor. The fourth and fifth floors are office spaces organised around a central patio that serves as a common area accessible to all employees. Two halls, west and east, provide easy access to the building. They are treated with large plates with marbled patterns to expand a space of 2.26 m high.

Within the framework of this project, the layout of the offices on the fifth floor offers transparencies, allowing light to circulate naturally. On this same floor, a large elegant dining room and a mini-basketball court provide relaxation and escape from the corporate environment. Source by PDAA Pranlas-Descours.

  • Location: Lille Euratechnologie, Rives de la Haute-Deûle, France
  • Architect: PDAA Pranlas-Descours Architectes-Urbanistes
  • Project managers: Louise de Chatellus (conception) – Marion Lapierre Auber (construction)
  • Structure: EVP ; project manager: Abdellah Hatim
  • M&E Engineer: PROJEX, Rémi Versnaeyen, Louis Fagoo
  • Structural works: CGC
  • Facade engineering: PNM
  • Electricity: Bercq
  • Heating/ventilation: MGC
  • Lifts: Schindler
  • Promoter: PROMONOR
  • Investor: KEYS REIM
  • Surface: 4200 m2
  • Cost: € 5,800,000 exlc. VAT
  • Delivery: July 2018
  • Photographs: Antoine Guilhem-Ducléon, Courtesy of PDAA Pranlas-Descours

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