On The Rocks by David Tajchman

On The Rocks

Located 30 minutes away from a local airport, the journey that precedes the arrival to the house is part of our design. It tells the way this specific location was chosen by the clients. We propose a journey by car from the plane to the house, discovering slowly the various landscapes, the sea, the rocks and finally the house and its beautiful site.

Aerodynamism and curves of the client’s car served as references when form finding the house. The roof extends to the north, creating a shaded car-port and integrating the car into the design, while leaving it outside. The kitchen window is shaped following the car silhouette, framing it from the inner living spaces.

This design started with the roof to give its identity to the house, extending it from a bridging staircase and opening wide views to the horizon and the sea. The house sits on a cliff with panoramic views on the bay and unrolls its activities on the inclined ground. From the main road, the house remains invisible and melts with the landscape.

We only see an infinite body of water on its rooftop, mirroring its environment. Was it a mirage? A fictive house? This house is real. As a furtive airplane, the house escapes radars. Unlike neighboring villas, this house looks for disappearing in its existing nature.

This project showing a ‘topology’, a mathematical ‘endless’ figure, follows our mixed-use high-rise Gran Mediterraneo, from which the clients asked us to develop the topological formation at the scale of a private house, introducing new ideas related to the site and to the clients’ specific requests. Source by David Tajchman.

  • Location: undisclosed
  • Architect: David Tajchman
  • Design Modelling: Luc Izri
  • Area: 400 sqm
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: Luc Izri, David Tajchman, Courtesy of David Tajchman

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