Water Street Tampa first to achieve WELL Design & Operations Designation for Global Wellness Standard for Communities

Water Street Tampa

Strategic Property Partners, LLC (SPP) announced that Water Street Tampa, the 56-acre mixed-use waterfront neighborhood that is completely transforming the city’s downtown, has achieved the WELL Design & Operations (D&O) designation under the WELL Community Standard, the first neighborhood to do so globally. Grounded in its evidence-­‐based approach, the WELL Community Standard builds upon the WELL Building Standard and aims to positively impact individuals throughout the public spaces where they spend their time. A WELL community functions to promote health and well-­‐being across all aspects of community life.

The evolution of the WELL Community Standard benefitted from expertise provided by several notable community-­‐level projects, including Water Street Tampa, which helped inspire the creation of the standard in September 2015 when SPP, the Tampa-­‐based real estate development firm behind Water Street Tampa, joined President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative to make a commitment towards integrating wellness and sustainability into the all the places and spaces where we spend our time. “With the WELL D&O designation, we have achieved a milestone, and will continue to challenge the status quo in how wellness can be integrated into our neighborhood development and overall planning, design and operating processes,” said James Nozar, CEO of SPP.

First introduced in 2017, the neighborhood-­‐wide certification recognizes and honors neighborhoods – like Water Street Tampa – that implement design and policy strategies meant to improve the lives of their residents through the concepts of Air, Water, ourishment, Light, Fitness, Sound, Mind, Temperature, Materials and Community. The WELL D&O milestone includes a review of the work already completed and validates the progress towards achieving certification. Sourse by Strategic Property Partners, LLC (SPP) and International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), images Courtesy of M18 Public Relations.

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