HAS Architecture win competition with PP85 tower


Rising 85 storeys, 485m above the Cambodia’s Capital City, the all-new MGN Tower is due to open shortly in one of Asia’s most historic cities, complete with a full indoor park and City view deck. Nodorom Blv. is the busiest road in Pnompenh and Cambodia. And the building expected to be the icon A rate tower here, even the icon of the country and for the MGN also.

The twisting glass skyscraper – now the Country second tallest building at 450m with the Inspiration and new idea from Ochna flower and Bayon Khmer architecture. The tower’s form softly transforms the flower-shape to star-shape at the top. To create an attractive building, we brought commercial and cultural facilities meters away from the street, so citizens will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of high-rise and in an activated urban environment, like in New York, Singapore or Saigon.

The FLOWER-DRESS SHAPE curtain wall will enclose a composite concrete core with steel framing. Apertures in the curtain wall at regular intervals will assist in venting wind pressure against the tower; the apertures will also house window-washing systems and air intake and exhaust systems on mechanical foors. In addition, the HAS Interiors team is developing the tower’s sculpted interior public spaces, many of which reflect the tower’s exterior silhouette.

The conical silhouette is visibly echoed in the entrances to the primary elevator bank from the main lobby, as well as in the shapes of the elevator cabs and other public spaces. The lobbies and other amenity spaces within the tower also feature sweeping, fluid lines and a neutral blue-gray palette that recalls the reflective glass of the exterior wall. The transparency of the ground floor lobby wall allows views from inside toward the entry canopy drop-off areas, establishing a seamless relationship between the interior and exterior. Source by HAS Architecture.

  • Location: Pnompenh, Cambodia
  • Architect: HAS Architecture
  • Architect In charge: Hoang Nguyen
  • Project Director: Liem Nguyen (Ger.)
  • Competition Team: Tran Pham, Khiem Huynh, Tung Vu, Duy Doan, Liem, Dung Vo.
  • Structure: Knippers Helbig ( Germany)
  • MEP team: RFR ( Vietnam )
  • Local Architect: R.R Architect (Cambobia)
  • Interior and Landscape: HAS
  • Year: 2018
  • Images: Phi Doan Alex, Courtesy of HAS Architecture

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