K.Wah Royal Mansion life Experience Center by GFD

K.Wah Royal Mansion

Adjacent to Suzhou Canal which has inherited the cultural context of the South of the Yangtze River for thousands of years, the project features elegant and humanistic aesthetics, and fully shows people’s imaginations and pursuit of an elegant lifestyle. The smell of books, the coordinated combination of terrazzo and wood, and subtle detailing, together create a soft, elegant and harmonious atmosphere in the overall space, with fascinating texture.

Lounge bar & Property model display area
The Scandinavian-style furniture in the bar counter area was purchased from the Danish brand Muuto, refreshing and unique, which resonates with the droplet pedant lamps. Behind the bar counter is an irregular-shaped area for displaying property models. The dynamic sculpture designed by Alexander Calder above it adds a sense of flexibility to the space.

Sunken book bar
The sunken and semi-enclosed book bar serves for reading and negotiation, with publications of TASCHEN around and the wooden bookcases and furniture setting a soft tone. The starry ceiling is a highlight of the space, which makes it light and vivid and creates a lively atmosphere for reading and talking.

Children’s entertainment zone
The children’s entertainment zone is beside the property model display area, where kids can learn things through lively and delightful activities. The arc-shaped bookshelf, furniture from the Italian furniture brand ME TOO, combined with Legos, make the space interesting and visually attracting.

Shared kitchen & Garden
As arriving at the second floor, an open kitchen leaps to the eyes first. The visually striking graffiti on the translucent wall depicts a contemporary female with clean lines, which highlights the theme of the space and well coordinates with the flowers near it. Outside the kitchen is a pleasing garden, which presents a vibrant scene. An outdoor sofa set is placed in front of a wall with flowers and grasses, which enables people to enjoy afternoon tea and chat with friends in an elegant and refreshing environment.

Private cinema
The private cinema is dominated by dark blue, making people comfortable and calm. Metal lines and mirrors are used to partition the space. TOM DIXON and B&B furniture and accessories improve the aesthetic appeal of the space, and also ensures privacy.

The design team adopted different color palettes in the men’s washroom and women’s washroom. A large area of pink produces a lovely atmosphere in the women’s washroom and makeup room, and neon lamps on the wall add individuality and avant-garde stylishness to the space.

In contrast, the men’s washroom is characterized by turquoise color, in which the painting of geometric shapes enriches the sense of structure in the space. Besides, TOM DIXON toiletries placed in the washrooms can serve for people’s pursuit of a quality life. With the integration of functionality and humanistic aesthetics, the project perfectly interprets an elegant and quality lifestyle. Source by Tang Zi.

  • Location: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Interior design: GFD
  • Interior design supervisor: Ye Fei
  • Chief interior designer: Qian Chen
  • Interior design assistant: Wu Haiyue
  • Interior decoration design: Cai Yangyang
  • Decoration execution: Hangzhou QIANDU Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
  • Architectural design: Suzhou HUAZAO Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
  • Landscape design: Shanghai WEME Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Client: K. Wah Group
  • Main materials: Terrazzo, wood veneer, artistic aluminum sheet, black steel
  • Area: 1000 m2
  • Completion time: November 2018
  • Photographs: Lin Feng, Courtesy of GFD

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