PRT showroom by Brengues Le Pavec architectes


The project’s objective was to propose a presentation space largely glazed and open to the outside, in a place of activities usually occupied by parallelepipedic and opaque buildings. The new Porto Venere showroom, which presents a wide range of interior materials and furniture, should reflect a clean and contemporary image, just like the products sold by the brand.

The building consists of three spaces, each offering a different function. On the ground floor, the first space houses the reception and presentation spaces, visible from the streets to a great extent thanks to large windows. The second space, set back, shelters the storage of goods and establishes itself strategically in order to allow store supply by an access that is hard to see from the street, while maintaining a direct access to the showroom.

On the first floor, the last volume houses the administrative area and establishes itself as an overhang compared to the showroom to create a floating effect and emphasise the entrance of the establishment. The whole structure consists of a structural metal frame. An overhang with a span of more than 7 metres generates a covered atrium of 70 m² in front of the showroom entrance. From the street, the building is a play on superimposed spaces.

The level of the first floor, adorned with ceramic panels of 3 x 1 m, comes to rest on that of the showroom, largely glazed. The opposition of the black cladding of the showroom with that of light-coloured ceramics accentuates the contrast effect. Inside, a central aisle makes it possible to distribute the various layouts of presentations. The walls are black in order to fade out and highlight the materials presented by the different lighting. Source by Brengues Le Pavec architectes.

  • Location: Montpellier, France
  • Architect: Brengues Le Pavec architectes
  • Project Team: Hafsa Valy-Le Pavec, Charlotte Fraïssé, Lionel Le Pavec, Julien Brengues
  • Client: Porto Venere
  • Products: steel, aluminum, glasses, ceramics, gabions
  • Surface area: 2,042 m2
  • Schedule: Delivery 2019
  • Photographs: RB Photographies, Courtesy of Brengues Le Pavec architectes

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