Pulsa by Aedas


Pulsa is an eight-house residential development in Hong Kong. The houses, all with a highly sculptural building profile, enjoy spectacular view of Repulse Bay, one of the city’s most famous beaches.

The design of the houses are inspired by the water. The curves are a motif synonymous with sea waves, creating ever-changing perspectives from different viewing angles and the diffractions and reflections allowing residents to be surrounded by the natural beauty around.

The resulting sculptural building profile presents a vivid image to both the residents and passers-by. Besides aesthetic merits, the curves also functionally improve the configurations and quality of interior space.

“When the architecture is integrated with nature and even becomes its integral part, damage to the wnviroment is minimised” according to Aedas Executive Director Cary Lau. Embracing residents and visitors with nature Cary’s design plans to archieve.

Sorrounded by lush landscapes, the design motif of Pulsa is ispirated by sea waves. Different floor area, layout, building profile and materials have been adopted, bestowing each house a unique identity in a coherent statement.

Facades of houses create diffractions and reflections, creating ever-changing perspectives from different viewing angles, to sorround residents by natural beaty of Repulse Bay. Source by Aedas.

  • Location: Hong Kong, China
  • Architect: Aedas
  • Client: Winfield Investiment Ltd
  • Director: Cary Lau
  • Gross Area: 3,906 sqm
  • Completion Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Aedas

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