Arabian Sea Oceanarium by Anirudha.S.Adivarekar

Arabian Sea Oceanarium

The proposed project is an oceanarium located at the Shivaji Maharaj memorial site, off marine drive Mumbai. This project covers all the major requirements of oceanarium project its different kinds of aquarium displays as also educational, entertainment, research, fun and recreational, aspects.

It will be developed without disturbing marine habitat and ecosystems. This oceanarium will be a house of sea creatures that live in epipelagic zone of the sea coast along the western coast of India, specifically three zones, the Malabar, the gulf of Khambhat and Lakshadweep islands.

This is where over 80% of the fish variety of India come from together these zones known as main display zone. Zone known as recreational zone consist 4D sky ocean motion theatre, Oceanarium Park consist swimming with dolphin & dugong, scuba diving with fish and also hold an aqua museum.

Hell zone consist all three main display zone coast shark with under water shark cage and tunnel. While regarding research consideration the project has been designed such that it covers the function like taxidermy process, marine DNA research & marine test tube laboratory. Source by Anirudha.S.Adivarekar.

  • Location: Shivaji Maharaj, Mumbai, India
  • Architect: Anirudha.S.Adivareka
  • Site Area: 30,621 m2
  • Building Built Up Area: 15,131 m2
  • Building Services Area: 12,500 m2
  • Images: Courtesy of Anirudha.S.Adivarekar

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