Life of Windows by LMTLS Architecture

Life of Windows

The Life of Windows is a pavilion built out of aggregated recycled windows, creating visual corridor with interactive spatial sequence. Lights shining through the windows create the ambience and feel of a place. It is a sustainable, cultural, and educational pavilion framing every moment of summer in Roosevelt Island. After its installation, it becomes individualized eco-friendly green house and distributed throughout local New York community gardens. The Life of Windows continues in its afterlife.

Walking around the New York City, we pass by buildings full of windows. They are critical components defining New York’s ever-changing urban scene. With constant streams of building renovation, demolition, and new construction, New York City perpetually changes its appearance. We celebrate new look of facelifted buildings without questioning whereabouts of the previously installed windows. Windows frame our life moments; Sometimes they frame spring blooms in Central Park, sometimes they are bypassed by rush hour traffic, sometimes they sit silently next to romantic Christmas dinner.

Our pavilion is about giving second life to neglected windows who were once beloved but disposed as they become obsolete. The Life of Windows is composed of 10 lumber structures that are made of recycled windows and doors. These individual structures are aligned in a row, becoming one linear pavilion. The opened doors welcome visitors as refreshing summer breeze sweeps around the pavilion. Through the aggregated glass windows, the pavilion is filled with full of lights shining through.

From the outside, everything is simply painted in white which will distinguish itself from surrounding natural environment of Roosevelt island. In contrast, interior faces of structure, windows and doors are painted in living coral, which brings a colorful experience. After installation, 10 structures will be separated, and each individual piece will be reused as tiny greenhouses. We propose each of them to be sent to local public and private community garden or botanic gardens such as New York Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and many small pocket community gardens in New York City. Source by LMTLS Architecture.

  • Location: Roosevelt Island, New York, NY
  • Architect: LMTLS Architecture
  • Project Team: Daeho Lee, Jaeyual Lee, Beomki Lee, Haemee Han
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: Courtesy of LMTLS Architecture

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