BOGL wins open urban development competition in Tananger


BOGL has won the open planning- and design competition for an urban development of central parts of the harbor city Tananger in Norway. BOGL’s winning proposal shows how the city can evolve with its new inhabitants, and become an attractive place to live, work and visit based on the city’s existing qualities.

“We believe, that this project will strengthen the maritime environment, as well as the city’s and the harbor’s priceless scenic and functional relation to the sea. The project gathers square, harbor, and park in a powerhouse of activities and opportunities in Tananger,” says Jens Linnet, Creative Director and Partner at BOGL.

Bringing the city back to the sea
The water is an essential attraction to Tananger, and the city’s history is closely related to the sea. To further activate the city center, the masterplan therefore proposes to relocate the central city square and place it by the harbor. To unite the urban life at one spot will create synergy between functions and activities in the small community.

The ambition is to shape a well-functioning and well-visited urban space for everyday life as well as special occasions. “We have made every effort not to add anything alien to the project, but to utilize the existing qualities in Tananger instead. We are very occupied working with the beauty of what is already there, and to create a sense of place from this,” Jens Linnet adds.

The Fishermen’s House
The masterplan contains a sketch proposal for a “Fishermen’s House”, which will form a point of origin in the urban development and provide a smooth transition between the water and the city. The Fishermen’s House accommodate facilities for cleaning, processing, storage, and loading of the fishermen’s catch as well as public facilities such as a fish shop and restaurant.

Outside the building, towards the park, an outdoor kitchen with a barbeque and a small smokehouse is proposed. The Fishermen’s House support the importance of fishing to the community of Tananger before and today. The project will lead to the opening of BOGL’s first, international office in Oslo, Norway later this year or early 2020. Source by BOGL and images Courtesy of

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