Snøhetta wins competition for Esbjerg Maritime Center – Lanternen

Esbjerg Maritime Center

Snøhetta has won the competition for designing a new Maritime Center in Esbjerg, Denmark, called Lanternen. Inspired by the geometry and craftmanship of boats, the design developed together with the Danish architecture firm, WERK Arkitekter, pays homage to the maritime tradition.

The result is a center situated in a new urban enlargement of Esbjerg on the Danish west coast, containing multiple water-sport clubs, boat storage, training facilities, a large workshop, and social functions. The purpose of the design is to develop a building that creates its own unique urban space which stands out from the city behind it.

The heart of the project is a lifted terrace linked to the first floor, protected from the harsh climate. The proposed center reinforces the promenade along the shore and creates a place for social and physical activities linked to the sea.

The building has a very open design, allowing the visitors to enter from every angle, enabling openness and inclusiveness. It shelters from the oftentimes intense Nordic weather, and will work as a place of shelter where people can come together to create their own community. Source by Snøhetta.

  • Location: Esbjerg, Denmark
  • Architect: Snøhetta
  • Design Collaborator: WERK Arkitekter
  • Client: Esbjerg Kommune
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: MIR and Snøhetta, Courtesy of Snøhetta

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