Medical Centre by Ramon Esteve and Magín Ruiz de Albornoz

Medical Centre

The project consists on the rehabilitation, renovation and expansion of a detached industrial building erected in 1970 as the extension of an old gas factory, part of the Gas Lebon manufacturing complex, to transform it into a Medical Centre.

When the complex stopped manufacturing coal gas, a new building was erected to update the company’s facilities and thus begin to develop complementary activities. “We have distilled the compositional code of the original building design and used it in a new intervention based on respect and integration,” Ramón Esteve.

The façade is currently protected, so the design for the new use does not intervene on any elements belonging or defining the architectural structure. The accesses to the center are highlighted by black ironwork elements.

They become canopies that identify the different entrances to the building according to the area where the user goes to. The exterior lighting has been designed to highlight the structural elements that define the façade, so a small spotlight has been placed on each of the metal pillars. The building is arranged following the shape of an X.

Then the functional programme uses this particular layout to separate the different medical areas: outpatient clinics, pediatrics, specialties, accident & emergency, care, diagnostic imaging, surgery and dental care. The attention and waiting areas are located in the joint of the building’s arms. Source by Ramon Esteve AND Magín Ruiz de Albornoz.

  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Architects: Ramon Esteve, Magín Ruiz de Albornoz
  • Project Team: Anna Boscà, Javier Campos, Teresa Piá, Javier Estevan
  • Engineering: Juan Pedro Jiménez, Índigo Ingeniería
  • REE Staff: Tudi Soriano, Pau Raigal, Fran Palomo
  • Building Engineer (Executive Project Management): Emilio Pérez, Javier Gil Santa Fé
  • Property Developer: INVERSORA TYRIS HOLDING, S.L
  • General Contractor: Edifitech
  • Site Manager: Francisco Belmonte
  • Site Manager Assistant: Nuria Beguer
  • Client: Sanitas
  • Year: 2019
  • Area: 3372,43 m2
  • Images: Courtesy of Ramon Esteve

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