Powerhouse Company wins at World Architecture Festival 2019

World Architecture Festival 2019

Participating with three shortlisted projects, Powerhouse Company won the World Architecture Festival award for Villa B. Çanakkale and Antenna Tower, designed by IND [Inter.National.Design] and Powerhouse Company, got highly commended.Founder Nanne de Ru and partners Paul Stavert and Sander Apperlo were present at the festival and took an award home.

Villa B wins the Villa – Completed Buildings category
The judges admired the villa situated on the riverbed of the Isar in Munich noting “architecture self-knowingly precision engineered to meet quality expectations beyond luxury.” The category winner Villa B, designed by Powerhouse Company, combines the robustness of a neoclassical townhouse with the elegance and openness of the Modernist bungalow.

Magnificently monolithic at first sight, Villa B is a house with an intriguing double identity. Behind the imposing, screen-like frontage is a warm and welcoming domestic space that gradually opens up the house to the garden, bringing the outside inside with a transparent rear façade. The composition in contrast results in a distinctive home that would be a new take on the classic Munich townhouse.

Çanakkale Antenna Tower highly commended in the Culture – Future Projects category
Çanakkale Antenna Tower, designed by IND [Inter.National.Design] and Powerhouse Company is a combined visitor center and multimedia broadcasting tower. Tower for the historic city of Çanakkale in western Turkey.

Currently under construction, the tower is located on the outskirts of the historic city of Çanakkale in western Turkey. The structure functions as a broadcast network post as well as a visitor centre and a pathway to explore the impressive nature surrounding the site.

The complex relationship between the visitor center and the broadcast tower is resolved with a unique spatial gesture—a continuous ribbon that physically separates the two different programs to avoid any radiation hazard but connects them visually. Generated by joining the two vertical ends of the ribbon, the tower forms an iconic gateway that welcomes visitors into a unique park. Source and photos Courtesy of Powerhouse Company.

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