Tree Suites by Peter Pichler Architecture

Tree Suites

Peter Pichler Architecture designs luxury “Tree Suites” as part of a new 7-star Hotel development close to Kitzbühel, Austria. The project consists of suites that elevate in the nearby forest of the Hotel, and that share the public facilities of the Hotel like lobby, restaurant, and Spa. The connection between men and nature is a fundamental criterion in this project. The suites differ in size, and they go from 60m2 to 80m2.

The structure is reachable by a glass elevator that brings you directly up to the room. Each suite will include bathroom and bedroom with glazed facades for stunning views towards the surrounding forest and mountains. The larger units will additionally have a private living room and a sauna in the bathroom.The project takes inspiration from local vernacular architecture while reinterpreting it in a contemporary way.

It should activate and amplify human senses with the use of simple and local materials while slowing down and living a moment within the top of the trees, a spatial experience within nature. A wooden exoskeleton structure enwraps the entire building and is made of two layers: a diagrid structure and a second layer made of intersecting wood sticks to filter the light and create privacy.

During the day, light will be filtered through the structure to create a playful effect of light and shadows. At night, the structures will glow in the forest. The use of wood echoes a local and sustainable material giving a warm feeling within the spaces and the entire structure. Source by Peter Pichler Architecture.

  • Location: Kitzbühel, Austria
  • Architect: Peter Pichler Architecture
  • PPA Principals: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas
  • PPA Design Team: Cem Ozbasaran, Silvia Pennisi, Marco Caprani
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: Courtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture

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