Shenzhen Transsion Tower by Aedas

Shenzhen Transsion Tower

Aedas was commissioned by Transsion Holdings to design an iconic landmark headquarter building at the heart of Liuxiandong Headquarter Base, one of the most valuable innovation hub in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. As a leading smartphone manufacturer, Trassion is popular among customers in global emerging markets, and particularly Africa.

Construction of a headquarter building has thus become a perfect opportunity to build up a robust corporate image back home in China. In response to Client’s aspiration and corporate culture, Aedas Global Design Principal Leo Liu took inspiration from concept of a “cloud hub” and created a futuristic building form that celebrates spirit of openness, cooperation and sharing at core of a technology firm.

The designer believes that vibrancy lies not within the physical form of a building but the inspiration it brings to people. “Only when the architectural language aligns with the company culture and functionality it requires, will the building exceed as an office.” Public and featured spaces are integrated as modules within the building mass. Glass boxes hosting the three shared functional hubs are inserted into the tower to break up a plain building form.

They interlock and juxtapose with other modules to create sheer contrasts between scales, void and solid, open and exclusive expressions. The design challenges the traditional top-down approach and explores possibility of future urban design that maximizes permeability and functional integration. The shared hubs at podium, middle and higher level serves public, leisure and business purposes respectively.

The public hub, incorporating the office lobby, restaurants, staff canteen, a library, and a corporate culture exhibition hall, is a communal space for staff and the public. The leisure hub encourages a work-life balanced working culture with an activity centre, creative work space, conference room and even a jogging lane. Best views to the city can be enjoyed at the business hub, which features a multi-functional hall, creative working spaces and a sky lobby for interchange to the executive clubhouse on top.

Multiple means of transportation and internal traffic are sensibly planned to ensure accessibility for all. A link bridge system connects the public hub to adjacent buildings on south, north and east sides, forming a vibrant public interface with the retail and F&B components at the podium. Height difference of the site is addressed with a terraced public platform inside the lobby, transforming site restrictions into a unique spatial experience.

The project targets to achieve China Green Building Label (3 Star), WELL building standard rating for its green building design. To reduce solar loads and glare, the design team come up with a pleated facade design to block out afternoon sun on the west while securing a pleasant view for the users as alternating glass and aluminum panels applied, an oscillation between transparency to one side and opacity to the other.

A 3D green system also contribute to energy-saving and breathability of the building. On east and west sides features green terraces along two open staircases. They connects each module of the building as a green belt, expanding from public plaza to the business hub on top, to form an organic symbiosis system within the tower as it extends the city’s green spaces. Source by Aedas.

  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Architect: Aedas
  • Lead Designer: Leo Liu, Global Design Principal
  • Client: Shenzhen Transsion Holdings
  • GFA: 54,970 sq m
  • Completion year: 2021
  • Images: Courtesy of Aedas

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