Winners of Micro-Housing Architecture Competition


Volume Zero, an international architecture and design magazine, has announced winners for its ‘Micro-Housing Architecture Competition 2019’ – the contest challenged the participants to come up with various, inventive solutions to solve the persistent issue of ‘space crunch’ in cities to provide the imperative requirement of ideal housing to as many people as possible. Source and images Courtesy of Volume Zero.

First place – Abhinav Prasoon, Siddarth Mahadevan, Reena Gaikwad (Mumbai, India)

“Add to Cart’ is a modern solution for Micro-housing that allows a house to grow within a given space. The design module can be brought and assembled on the existing structural system like ‘kit of parts’. It is designed in a way that it can be multiplied, deducted and customised as per the different stages of a man’s life and his lifestyle choices.”

Second place – Justin Jed Zumel, Shuang Ding, Manuchet Chaiyo (Dallas, USA)

“We redefine the use of Sachets as cladding in order to reduce the amount of plastic pollution being found in landfills and oceans.”

Third place – Siraphop Pulsri, Thanasuan Chatmawong, Manuchet Chaiyo (Sai Mai, Thailand)

“The new building (high-rise building) intervenes itself between the old buildings (shop houses) therefore is to disconnect working space and living space. We want to make a building connector (bridge) for the high-rise, shop houses and mass transportation systems (BTS).”

  • Honourable Mentions
  • Participants: Marton Revai, Ora Velinsky and Karina Szabo
  • (Hungary)
  • Participants: Madhur Agarwal, Sourav Banerjea and Srutee Bhut (India)
  • Participants: Alejandro Salas, Miguel Tenorio Calvo and Stefan Snedeker Chavez (Costa Rica)
  • Participants: Rhiddhit Paul (India)
  • Participants: Studio Neogenesis (India)
  • Participants: Mikhael Tyebally, Kwek Wan Ching Amanda and Haziq Akmal (Singapore)
  • Participants: Helena Van Looveren, Ruben Vanvlasselaer and Gin Joen Yau (Belgium)
  • Participants: Thakan Navapakpilai and Chanakarn Assavasirisilp (Thailand)
  • Participant: Zhong Yue and Wang Xirui (China)
  • Participant: Chia Chun Chen and Alberto Arifin (United States)

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