“Breathe-Just” Adjustable Apparatus by Mask Architects for COVID-19 critical cases


Mask Architects has designed “Breathe Just” adjustable apparatus which is 3D printing that doubles the capacity of the pulmonary ventilators by splitting the oxygen output directly from the inhalation/exhalation channel for Emergency COVID-19 Cases people.

“Breathe Just” apparatus designed as a volunteer project for the biomedical industry By Danilo Petta and Oznur Pinar Cer, As soon as the tests are finished and Breath Just will help a person to use one oxygen machine as a doubling oxygen input-output channel. As soon as Apparatus that doubles the use of a single oxygen machine will be completed in a test hospital in Italy, it will help coronavirus cases and in case of any emergency that may occur in the future.

Designers Danilo Petta and Oznur Pinar Cer mentioned ” Our mission is not only to provide a service in architecture and construction fields. As an Architect and Industrial Designer, our mission is provide services is to respond directly to the needs of the users in case of emergencies. Many people have died because of the lack of oxygen machine in case of intense need. We hope that this “Breathe Just” apparatus will save people’s lives in case of an urgent need in the future. “

” Since three weeks we have strengthened our industrial design team to focus our efforts on finding useful solutions for the biomedical industry, free of charge and for the common good. We are in close contact with some hospitals in Italy and have launched various apparatus studies in 3D printing, especially printable in 3D and Open Source. “

Our renders and diagram show an idea to duplicate the capacity of the pulmonary fans by doubling the oxygen output directly from the inhalation/exhalation channel. In this way, it would be possible to treat several patients at the same time, having a “universal” device and above all printable in all parts of the world. As soon as the tests are finished we will give you more details.` Source and images Courtesy of Mask Architects.

A As Architecture hopes to train a network of technicians, engineers and architects who can support companies specializing in 3D technology to print devices to supplied all hospitals that are lacking in them. [edotors note]

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