Çanakkale Antenna Tower is rewarded by Architectural Review and MIPIM

Çanakkale Antenna Tower

Powerhouse Company and IND [Inter.National.Design] designed the tower and placed great emphasis on comfort and emotional experience with the design. This suggests that pure functionality is no longer enough for the audience of the 21st century. Based on this and its design excellence, the project received a high commendation. The annual Future Project Award is organized by Architectural Review (AR) and Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier (MIPIM).

Unique spatial gesture
Çanakkale Antenna Tower is rising on the outskirts of the historic city of Çanakkale in western Turkey. The elevated hilltop site is being transformed into an exciting cultural landmark where the tall structure will function as a broadcast network post as well as a public observation center. The design comprises recreational facilities and a looped path that establishes both intimate and large-scale relationships with the surrounding forest, uniting both the programmatic and spatial requirements in one architectural gesture.

Detached from the ground, the path allows the woodland below to serve as an uninterrupted landscape, while a generous central garden is contained by the continuous ribbon that physically separates the two different programs avoiding any radiation hazard. The route merges into a visitor center that rises over the trees, offering panoramic views over the Dardanelles before projecting dynamically into the sky.

The future needs more than pure functionality
By keeping the technical rooms of the tower close to the road, the functionality of the tower remains uncompromised with its neighboring visitor center. The project creates a strong visual identity for the city and its people, with its distinctive silhouette on the skyline. Visitors will soon be able to enjoy the feeling of soaring through the treetops on an elevated pathway offering 360-degree views as Çanakkale Antenna Tower is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Source by Powerhouse Company and IND [Inter.National.Design] and images Courtesy of Powerhouse Company.

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