GaP / Gallery and Space by ORA


At the beginning, the idea was to create a space for exhibiting contemporary art in Znojmo and thus make it accessible to the general public.

At the same time we designed a space that will serve as a base for the local association, space for community workshops, chamber theater or lectures. There is also a small café that ensures the economical sustainability of the project.

These different functions blend together and influence each other, the borders are marked only by the shade of the material – dark part for the cafe, light for the gallery. While the café space is heavily filled with a shelf system for displaying quality Czech design, the gallery space is empty and versatile.

Because it’s mainly a public gallery, we have designed a distinctive entrance portal made of bent steel sheets, which invites you to explore the interior. The gallery is projected into the street thanks to large windows. You do not have to enter, you can only peek. Source by ORA.

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