ufirst: a digital platform that eliminates the queue for city services


Few things are the same for all the people throghout the world, but COVID-19 has united the world, and and is uniting the whole planet as a domino, changing our lifestyle. Everybody has to stay at home, and the only chances to go out are to queue to buy medicines, or shopping for food. Young people and the elderly standing long hours waiting for their turn in a queue, keeping the safety distance, worried for the risk of contamination.

Galileo Galilei used to say: “Behind every problem, there is an opportunity”, that is why we wants to try to give precise answers to the troubles that in this moment affect every district, every village and city in the world. We want to introduce you a simple digital platform, available via app and web, at the moment ready only in Europe, which offers paperless solutions to handle queues in cloud.

It is already in use in public offices, hospitals, chemist’s, ransportation, medical offices and administration offices of many cities in Italy, and it can be used by any activity with a physical point of entry that has to handle the inflow of people that want to get in. Large distribution operators, food shops, chemist’s and parapharmacies are an example.

ufirst, born to ease the access to the services in the city, is an app designed to solve the problem of queues, and thanks to an innovative multilingual digital platform it helps users to remain at home and avoid long queues. ufirst allows people, wherever they are, and directly from their smartphones, to take the queue ticket, monitor the progress of the queue, and to get notifications in proximity of their turn. All that allows people to go only when their turn has come, without waiting in a queue.

Those who should already be nearby the office, or the shop, or who haven’t downloaded the app ufirst yet, could reserve their place simply by scanning a QRcode placed at the entrance or by means of a concierge system. Users will receive an SMS on their mobile phone, even if it isn’t a smartphone. ufirst is a system of virtual queueing (mobile and cloud) simple and direct that is already in use in more than 500 points in the national territory, chosen by thousands of people every day.

Pharmacies and supermarkets, but even all the other public locations that adopt it, could install the software autonomously and activate it in a simple way, without the help of technical staff. The staff of the facility could move the queue by remote directly with their device, smartphone, tablet or pc, simply selecting the following numbers, once the previuous request is answered.

ufirst in support of public and private structures in case of COVID-19 emergency

  • The adoption of ufirst can certainly contribute to protect both citizens and workers from contamination, preserving public health
  • Avoid gatherings of people in public and private structures, ensuring the access to visitors, with respect of the due restrictions. Users and costumers won’t crowd the waiting rooms or stand in long queues, thus respecting the rule of “droplet”
  • ufirst joins COVIDSOLUTIONS, the Facebook community of ideas and suggestions, providing all the information support, brochures and videos, soon even in english, to ease the connection with the operators of the platform. To request the activation of the service just send an e mail to solidarietà@ufirst.com

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