Wavescape by LMTLS


The “Wavescape” is a proposal for the revitalization of the abandoned and disconnected urban area along the Honggye Stream in Seoul, transforming and redefining the current environment. We conceive the undulating surface as a social magic carpet that connects the different levels of stream and city.

These new surfaces – the intensified landscape – are urbanized both interior and exterior. Wavescape is an extension of a street and a park. It is not a separate and freestanding building detached from the context, but the active mutation between architecture and landscape.

To encourage visitors and neighboring communities to spend time on the structure, the curvature of the surface varies to maximize accessibility and connection between stream and city.

The undulating roof profile in section and elevation reinforces the public nature of the building, allowing direct contact with the Honggye Stream. Source by LMTLS.

  • Location: Seoul, Korea
  • Architect: LMTLS
  • Project Team: Daeho Lee, Beomki Lee, Jaeyual Lee, Haemee Han
  • Year: 2020
  • Images: Courtesy of LMTLS

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