La Peninsula Hotel by studio mk27

Peninsula Hotel

We’re looking for authenticity, real villages with real people, we respect the strong local personality. We want boho glam, not all-inclusive fattening resorts. We’re hippies, although we know exactly what comfort feels like. We want to go green! A geological entity emerges as a big rock in front of us.

Architecture embraces the two peaks as a built horizon. We walk below it and the whole ocean is unveiled. Water and ground in their extremity. A quick ride through suspended pathways leads us on an adventurous tour. The houses seem to blend into the jungle.

Architecture and Nature hand in hand, no overlaps nor submission. No cuts, nor fills. The buildings are placed in the very rhythm of the topography and are exclusively made of doors and roofs, designed to release not to arrest.

They´re narrow, bringing them closer to the ground, yet generously wide, remaining open to the skies. Our dreams hang in the mountains as we contemplate the views. We can’t believe how much water surrounds us. Happiness softly permeates us. We feel Mexico! Source by studio mk27.

  • Location: San Pancho, México
  • Architect: studio mk27
  • Principal: Marcio Kogan
  • Project Team: Marcio Tanaka, Renata Furlanetto, Suzana Glogowski
  • Interior Design: Diana Radomysler
  • Communications: Carlos Costa, Laura Guedes, Mariana Simas, Tamara
  • Site Area: 97.890 m2
  • Built Area: 30.000 m2
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: Black Haus by Eduardo Martorelli, Courtesy of studio mk27

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