Construction of Maestoso Hotel & Spa by enota has begun

Maestoso Hotel & Spa

The area of Stud Farm Lipica is one of the most remarkable natural and cultural monuments in Slovenia. Cultivated karst landscape of Stud Farm Lipica comprises laid out pastures and meadow areas featuring protective fences, oak groves, and tree lanes.

Lipica’s cultural landscape is a self-contained and redeveloped natural environment whose development has been rooted in the centuries-long tradition of raising purebred horses. In its midst it lies the historic built core of Lipica, designed around the Renaissance mansion. It gained the appearance of a congruous whole in the early decades of the 17th century.

Through the ages, it had continued to develop until large tourist accommodation buildings were built in the 1970s, as the exceptionality of Stud Farm Lipica piqued the interest of visitors from across the world. Maestoso Hotel & Spa is the largest of all accommodation buildings in Lipica and it is the visitors’ primary contact with the stud farm built environment.

Its relatively aggressive appearance poses a strong, even distracting contrast with the smoothness of the access paths used by the visitors to access the complex as a whole. The fundamental guideline in designing the renovation and expansion of the hotel was to find a way to tone down the building’s presence in the space.

The proposed intervention proposes purging the hotel’s facade of all added architectural elements and unifying the structure’s expression by establishing a new, light load-bearing structure of the balconies. The new structural membrane enveloping the entire hotel and swimming pool area establishes a sort of an intermediate space between the buildings and the landscape.

The interplay of light and shade breaks down the monolithic built masses and dematerialises the building to the greatest extent possible and endows it with a distinctive and recognisable character. Source by enota.

  • Location: Lipica, Slovenia
  • Architect: enota
  • Project Team: Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Polona Ruparčič, Eva Tomac, Carlos Cuenca Solana, Urška Malič, Sara Mežik, Nuša Završnik Šilec, Peter Sovinc, Jakob Kajzer, Jurij Ličen, Peter Karba, Sara Ambruš, Goran Djokić
  • Collaborators: Spacer (visualisations), Bruto (landscape architecture)
  • Client: Holding Kobilarna Lipica
  • Site: 20.650 m2
  • Size: 11.380 m2
  • Footprint: 6.600 m2
  • Year: 2020
  • Images: Courtesy of enota

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