EDIT Napoli 2020

EDIT Napoli

EDIT confirms its second edition in Naples from 16 to 18 October 2020, making it the first onsite fair in Italy in the era of a pandemic that has distorted global logic. Since its inception, EDIT Napoli has promoted design that values quality over quantity, paying great attention to exploring the creative process and the use of materials in the search for sophisticated expressiveness.

A fair with a strong curatorial backbone and commercial vision, EDIT Napoli gives voice to designers, manufacturers and artisans, with a focus on territoriality rather than globalization, and a spotlight on a transparent supply chain. The creators of the project, curator and design historian Domitilla Dardi, and buyer and entrepreneur Emilia Petruccelli, believe in the topicality of the themes and the tangible opportunities for the exhibitors, who have blossomed into a growing international community that shares a unique model.

From logistics to security, and from the preparation to the usability of the spaces, EDIT Napoli explores the potential of the virtual world to support the physical event. In 2019, EDIT Napoli dived into the digital realm with a virtual tour, which today, continues to invite a global audience to discover the products presented by international exhibitors. In October 2020, it will be possible to experience the fair remotely with dedicated business rooms, inviting those who cannot be in Naples to establish long-lasting connections.

The buyers in particular, who have witnessed the cancellation of many trade fairs and who are logistically challenged, are the interlocutors to whom the creators look. The fair will enable them to conduct research remotely, to talk to designers, and to nurture new collaborations. In addition to passion, EDIT Napoli harbours a long-term business concept that focuses on observing and predicting the market, and the constantly changing variables.

A total of 70 exhibitors, including designers, brands and international craftsmen will present their products within the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore, a historic hotspot in the heart of the Neapolitan alleyways. Among others, well-known Italian brands such as Botteganove, De Castelli, Fabscarte, Forma&Cemento, MEDULUM, Scapin Collezioni will feature, alongside international brands like Alvaro Catalán de Ocón, Constance Guisset Studio, The Art & Design Group with Nathalie du Pasquier and Nigel Coates.

“I am particularly proud to see numerous emerging names who have chosen EDIT Napoli for their debut in a fair with a section dedicated to them: the Seminario” says Domitilla Dardi. One of the halls of the Complex will be transformed into a surprising loft animated by the creations of designers aged under 30 and brands with less than three years of history, including Basis Rho, Duilio Secondo Studio, Mirei Monticelli, Tom Robinson, STUDIO RLON, and many others. Source and photos Courtesy of EDIT Napoli.

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  1. I just got out of nap and I am already reading your articles. This signifies something! Very useful info. Thank you!

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