Thom Mayne: SculpturalDrawings

Thom Mayne

The first line of a (architectural) drawing begins with an idea – no matter where it takes one and what form it will become. To Thom Mayne everything starts with an idea that leads to complex forms, to something unpredictable – unattainable.

In the course of his outstanding career, Mayne has challenged the nature of architectural drawing; creating improvisations, sculptural paintings that although completely random, influence his architecture. The exhibition Thom Mayne: SculpturalDrawings presents only a fraction of Mayne’s tremendous and always idiosyncratic body of work: personal sketchbooks, serigraphs, hand and so-called sculptural drawings dating from 1979 through 2020.

It encompasses both “traditional” works on paper and two-and-a-half-dimensional drawings titled Drawdels – an invention combining drawing and model, as well as 3D paintings, an experimentation with form and materiality. Mayne’s visionary composition conceived for the exhibition Berlin – Monument or Theoretical Model from 1988 is a part of a conversation that this exhibition enters.

With an insight into the shifting and always evolving nature of architecture, the selection in this exhibit presents the viewer with Mayne’s continued interest in challenging the norm, not only in terms of his artistic language, but also his architectural idiom. This selection outlines how Thom Mayne’s interest in transformation and invention changed the formal vocabulary of modern architecture not only in Los Angeles but also abroad. Source by Tchoban Foundation. Museum for Architectural Drawing.

  • Location: Christinenstrasse 18a, 10119 Berlin, Germany
  • Organizzation: Tchoban Foundation. Museum for Architectural Drawing
  • Curator: Esenija Bannan, Kristin Feireiss
  • Exhibition dates: 11 September – 15 November 2020
  • Opening hours: Mon. – Fri. 2 – 7 pm, Sat. – Sun. 1 – 5 pm
  • Images: Courtesy of Tchoban Foundation. Museum for Architectural Drawing

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